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We produce custom code compliant, UL approved, Photoluminescent Exit Signs

The International Building Code mandates the installation of photoluminescent egress path marking exit signs in buildings to enhance safety during emergencies. These signs play a crucial role in stairwell identification and wayfinding, ensuring occupants can navigate the building even in low-light or smoke-filled conditions. The photoluminescent material absorbs and stores ambient light, making the signs visible in darkness without relying on external power sources. This requirement underscores the commitment to prioritizing occupant safety and efficient egress in the event of a crisis.

In compliance with the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, NFPA, UL 1994, UL 924, ASTM E2072 and CAN/ULC-S572.

We provide both standard and custom-manufactured exit signs, tailored to meet specific client specifications. This ensures that building owners and occupants have access to the highest-quality, safety-compliant signage for stairwell identification and wayfinding during emergency situations, enhancing overall preparedness and safety measures.

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  • Mandated by International Building Code for safety in emergencies
  • Ensures stairwell identification and wayfinding
  • Photoluminescent material visible without external power
  • Complies with IBC, IFC, NFPA, UL 1994, UL 924, ASTM E2072, CAN/ULC-S572
  • Offers standard and custom exit signs
  • Enhances safety and egress preparedness

OSHA Compliant Egress Emergency Exits

In safety-focused building design, the essential yet often overlooked component is the photoluminescent exit sign. These innovative signs provide an efficient, reliable, and, most importantly, safe guidance in emergencies, ensuring the ease of egress while meeting critical code compliant requirements including UL 924 certification, NFPA 101, OSHA, and IBC regulations.

What is a Self-Illuminating Exit Sign and How Does it Work?

The Basics of a glow in the dark Photoluminescent Sign

A self-luminous exit signs is a code compliant safety device that absorbs and stores ambient light. In a blackout or a smoking-filled situation where visibility is impaired, photoluminescent signs, also referred to as glow-in-the-dark exit signs, become a beacon of safety, guiding occupants safely towards the exit. Unlike traditional signs, photoluminescent egress signs do not require batteries or electricity to function, making them a sustainable and reliable option

Physics Behind Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Signs

The photoluminescent technology fuels the glow-in-the-dark quality of these signs. When exposed to ambient light, photoluminescent materials within the sign absorb and store energy. When the light source is removed, as in a power outage, the stored energy is slowly released in the form of a visible glow, rendering the exit sign brightly visible in the dark hence the term, dark exit sign.

Benefits of Using Photoluminescent Systems Over Traditional Exit Signs

The benefits of photoluminescent signs over traditional tritium or electric exit signs include lower maintenance and running costs as these signs do not require battery replacements or electricity. Moreover, since they’re not dependent on an external power source, photoluminescent sign systems continue to provide clear, safe exit routes even during prolonged power outages.

Understanding UL 924 Listed Certification for Exit Signs

An Overview

UL 924 is the US standard applied to emergency lighting and power equipment, including exit signs. Signs that have undergone stringent testing to ensure they meet the safety and performance standards set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The purpose is to make sure the signs can provide the minimum required 90-minutes of illumination after the power goes out.

The Importance of Certification

Meeting the UL 924 Certification is essential for ensuring that exit signs comply with American safety regulations and standards; thus, ensuring they function optimally in emergencies. Thus, it’s of utmost importance to ensure exit signs meet UL924 standards for effectiveness, safety, and code compliance.

How Does an Exit Sign Meet UL924 Standards?

Photoluminescent exit signs comply with UL924 provisions when they are effectively visible from a distance of at least 50 feet under emergency lighting conditions following a blackout. They should also provide a visible sign for at least 90 minutes in total darkness requiring only 5 foot-candles (54 lux) of activating light level viewable on the face of the sign.

How Does Photoluminescent Exit Signage Enhance the Egress Plan?

The Role of Exit Signs in Emergency Egress

Q: What is a photoluminescent exit sign?

A: A photoluminescent exit sign is a non-electrical exit signage system that utilizes glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent technology for illumination. These signages absorbed and store light energy from ambient environmental light, which in turn glows vividly in dark conditions. Besides being self-illuminating and power free, they are also code compliant with UL 924, the industry standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment.

Q: What makes these photoluminescent exit signs code compliant?

A: Photoluminescent exit signs meet the UL 1994, the standard for Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems, and other regulatory standards, making them code approved. They provide ample illumination for a designated viewing distance and continue to glow post loosing power for at least 60 minutes, making them an ideal egress solution during power outages.

Q: What is the significance of the 50 feet viewing distance with these exit signs?

A: The 50 feet viewing distance indicates that these photoluminescent exit signs are visible and legible from a distance of 50 feet in normal and also in low light conditions. This is particularly important during an emergency evacuation to ensure that escape routes can be easily identified and accessed.

Q: Why choose photoluminescent exit signs over LED exit signs?

A: While LED exit signs are common, photoluminescent exit signs offer several advantages. They are non-electrical and hence power-free, thus they don’t require power backup during outages. Moreover, they are low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and radiation-free compared to tritium exit signs, another popular choice in the market.

Q: Are these glow in the dark exit signs visible in total darkness?

A: Yes, photoluminescent exit signs are designed to be highly visible even in total darkness. They absorb light from environmental sources when available, and glow brightly in the dark. After depleting the light, the signs continue to glow for at least 60 minutes, well beyond the required egress time during an emergency scenario.

Q: How are these glow-in-the-dark exit signs installed and maintained?

A: Photoluminescent exit signs are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Since they are not powered, they do not require any electrical wiring or batteries. Routine cleaning and exposure to a light source is all that is required to keep the signs functional and code compliant.

Q: Are photoluminescent exit signs suitable for all types of buildings?

A: Yes, these signs are a great solution for various types of buildings. Whether commercial or residential, they provide a reliable and efficient pathfinding solution during power outages or in situations where visibility is reduced.

Q: Can photoluminescent exit signs be customized?

A: Yes, these exit signs can be customized to suit different design aesthetics and needs. For instance, aluminum photoluminescent signs offer a modern, sleek look, while the NightBright USA series photoluminescent exit signs blend functionality with design to offer a visually appealing solution.

Q: Are there any safety concerns associated with photoluminescent signs?

A: No, photoluminescent signs are completely safe to use. They are non-radioactive and do not contain any harmful substances. Furthermore, these signs help enhance the safety of a facility by providing clear and visible exit routes in emergencies.

Q: How often should I replace my photoluminescent sign?

A: Photoluminescent signs typically have a long lifespan and only need to be replaced when they no longer glow brightly or meet the required visibility standards. Unlike powered exit signs or incandescent lamps which need regular replacement, photoluminescent signs are low maintenance and have a longer service life.

Exit signs play an indispensible role in emergency exit pathways and egress routes. They are designed to be highly visible and showcase the quickest, safest route out of a building. In the case of power outages or smoke-filled corridors, the glow of photoluminescent exit signage provides an illuminated path to safety. Photoluminescent exit signs work best when incorporated into a comprehensive emergency egress plan.

Why Choose Photoluminescent Exit Signs for Egress Management?

Photoluminescent exit signs represent an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for egress management. Exit signs and egress plan complying with the Building Code or the IBC (International Building Code) are critical for saving lives during emergencies. Photoluminescent signs align with the IBC code requirements for a safe means of egress, making them the preferred signage solution.

Meeting Egress Code Requirements with Photoluminescent Signage

Photoluminescent exit signs are UL 924 listed, meaning they meet the specific code requirements outlined by the UL standard. Moreover, choosing photoluminescent exit signs ensures meeting the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, IBC and OSHA safety codes, assuring a fully compliant egress system.

Are Photoluminescent Exit Signs Compliant with NFPA, OSHA, and IBC Regulations?

Compliance with NFPA 101: Life Safety Code

The NFPA 101: Life Safety Code dictates that buildings must have clearly marked exits with compliant exit signs to ensure safe evacuation during emergencies. Photoluminescent exit signs meet all code requirements, such as maintaining adequate visibility in smoke-filled conditions and enduring at least 90 minutes of illumination in blackouts.

Meeting IBC Code Requirements with Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Adhering to the IBC’s standards, photoluminescent exit signs contribute significantly to the safe and orderly evacuation of buildings during emergencies. These signs are UL 924 Listed and meet the stringent requirements of maintaining a secure light source for extended periods.

The Role of OSHA in Emergency Exit Signage

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) holds regulations that insist all businesses to indicate clearly visible exit signage and routes. Achieving compliance means the photoluminescent exit signs meet accepted national safety standards.

Getting the Most Out of Your Photoluminescent Exit Signage

Tips for Installing Photoluminescent Exit Signs Efficiently

An ideal photoluminescent signage system requires efficient planning and installation. Main tips include installing UL listed signs in correctly lit areas to receive ample ambient light, ensuring clear visibility across corridors, and maintaining an appropriate viewing distance.

Testing and Maintenance of Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Despite their low maintenance requirements, performing regular checks on photoluminescent exit signs is vital. Testing includes ensuring adequate exposure to ambient light, signs’ luminescence in dark conditions, and their visibility from appropriate distances.

Boosting Exit Sign Visibility with Proper Ambient Light Planning

Proper ambient light planning can enhance the effectiveness of photoluminescent exit signs. Locations that receive a good amount of natural or artificial ambient light during regular operation hours ensure photoluminescent signs absorb and store sufficient energy to brighten the egress pathways sufficiently during an emergency.

In conclusion, ul 924 photoluminescent exit signs offer a versatile, code-compliant, and environmentally friendly solution for emergency exit illumination. Employing these signs ensures harmony with the NFPA 101, OSHA, UL and IBC regulations while contributing towards successful and secure egress management strategies.

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