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Providing photoluminescence floor path markings, handrail markings, and obstruction markings.

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Egress Path Markings | Egress Path Markings


  • Complies with key safety codes (IBC, IFC, NFPA, UL 1994, UL 924, ASTM E2072, CAN/ULC-S572)
  • Photoluminescent markings in stairwells and passageways for emergency evacuations
  • Marks walkways to exits
  • Visible in low-light/smoke conditions
  • Marks handrails and obstructions
  • Offers grades for high-traffic or low-use pathways
  • Enhances building safety
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Code Compliant, High- Grade photoluminescence path markings.

The International Building Code mandates the installation of photoluminescent egress path markings in stairwells and passageways to ensure safety and wayfinding in emergency situations. In addition to floor markings, buildings are required to mark handrails and obstructions, enhancing overall building safety by facilitating swift and efficient evacuation during emergencies.

In compliance with the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, NFPA, UL 1994, UL 924, ASTM E2072, and CAN/ULC-S572.

We provide multiple grades of products, high-grade materials for high-traffic applications, or value-engineered solutions when low use of pathways is expected.

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