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Your supplier for contrasting stripe, abrasive and Photoluminescent Stair Nosings for any stair tread design.

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Stair Nosings designed for existing stairs or new stair fabrication.

Our aluminum stair nosings have been meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients, addressing requirements such as contrasting stripes, abrasion, slip resistance, photoluminescence, and protection of the stair tread leading edge.

The innovative solutions built into the stair nosings not only enhance the visual appeal of staircases but also provide essential safety features for egress path marking and safeguarding against wear and tear on the stair tread leading edge.

By pro-actively addressing critical elements and real field conditions, our stair nosings ensure that potential issues are resolved before they become a concern. Offering clients a comprehensive and dependable stair nosing solution that meets their every need.

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  • Tailored to specific needs, perfect fit for any project.
  • Features contrasting stripes for improved visibility and safety.
  • Superior abrasion resistance, extending lifespan.
  • Slip resistance to enhance safety.
  • Photoluminescence for emergency visibility
  • Protects the leading edge of stair treads from wear and tear.
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Photoluminescent, Abrasive, and Contrasting Stripe Stair Nosings and More.

By combining our popular stair nosings with our comprehensive range of photoluminescent path markings and exit signs, we offer a complete solution for enhancing safety and aesthetics in any building or facility.

National Stair Products includes a wide range of photoluminescent path markings and exit signs. These markings and signs are designed to provide clear and visible guidance during emergencies, enhancing evacuation procedures and ensuring occupant safety.

The photoluminescent path markings, such as handrail strips, floor markers, and obstacle tapes, are engineered to be highly visible and long-lasting, even in complete darkness. And our photoluminescent exit signs are available in various styles, including running man signs, final exit signs, and directional arrows. 

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